Cookie Policy

When you explore, either from your desktop or on the go with its mobile version, you agree to let us place “Cookie” files on your device. These cookies are like tiny treats that help us optimize and enhance your experience on our website. And don’t worry: this policy explains what cookies are, what options you have when using the website, and how you can manage those cookies.

What is a Cookie File?

A cookie file is a small piece of data stored by a web browser on the user’s computer. It can be used to store information about a user and their preferences when visiting websites. This type of file typically contains an identifier, such as a randomly-generated string of characters or numbers, that is unique to each website visitor. The cookie itself does not contain any personally identifiable information but can be used in conjunction with other technologies to track users across multiple visits and sessions. Additionally, the cookie file stores settings related to the user’s experience on the website, such as language preference or items in a shopping cart.

What Information is Covered in a Cookie Files

A data trail of your every online move, stored and preserved in small digital files on your computer or mobile device. When you visit a website, these cookies work like tiny record-keepers – they preserve information about your browsing habits and preferences! But what kind of details do they store exactly? From IP addresses to page visits, cookie files are chock-full of little nuances that can be used to enhance your online experience.

1. User preferences: Cookies can be like tiny little personal assistants, remembering your language and currency preferences to give you a uniquely tailored browsing experience. They’re like mini-minders in the background, making sure you get the best of what the web has to offer!

2. Session data: Chewy morsels of cookie goodness, packed with information that helps websites remember your every need – from login credentials to shopping cart contents – making each session a sweetly satisfying experience.

3. Analytics data: Websites can employ cookies like secret spies, collecting valuable intel on user behavior. This data can then be analyzed to make improvements and optimize the user experience – a 21st century equivalent of a customer service smile!

4. Advertising data: Cookies can be sly little spies, tracking your every move on the web and amassing a dossier of information to tailor advertising specifically to you. From the moment you type in a query or complete a purchase, those ads that pop up shortly after are no coincidence – they’re tailored precisely to your interests!

When it comes to cookies, there is more than meets the eye. While some are essential for your website to function as intended, like those that keep your login details safe, others may be used for more invasive tracking techniques. It’s a wise choice to take note of the differences and choose your treats accordingly.

Modern web browsers provide you with the power to keep your online privacy intact – just a few clicks away. Shield yourself against data-hungry websites by blocking or deleting those pesky cookies after a pre-determined time frame. Defend your browsing habits and ensure that your personal information stays out of the wrong hands.

Your Options Regarding the Cookies While Using the Website

At any time, you can decide how the website uses cookies. To do this, please follow these steps:

  1. Open your web browser and select the “settings” option.
  2. Under the “privacy and security” section, select “site settings” or “cookies”.
  3. Here you can view all of the websites that have stored cookies on your device, including this one.
  4. Select a website to review its cookie settings.
  5. Choose your preferred option from the list – allowing or blocking all websites from setting cookies (including those on our site) or allowing only some websites to set them (such as trusted ones). Depending on which browser you use, there may be other options available too such as being asked each time a new cookie is created whether you accept or block it – if so, simply choose which one suits you best!  
  6. Once you’ve selected your preferred option click ‘save’ and from now on that will be how our website treats cookies when using it!

What Cookie Are Used on the Website?

Have you ever stumbled across a website and spotted the notification about cookies? If you don’t know what cookies are, you may be left scratching your head over how they’re used. Let’s delve in and unravel the mystery of cookies!

Cookies are like tiny, invisible helpers that silently go to work while you browse the web. They make your experience more personalized and tailored to you, remembering your preferences and habits as you go. Plus they help websites track usage for analytics and advertising – all without ever being seen!

Here’s a breakdown of the different types of cookies that may be used on a website:

  1. Session cookies: Your computer or device is a temporary home for these tasty treats while you browse the web. Once you close your browser, they’ll be gone in an instant, leaving no long-term effects on your machine.
  2. Persistent cookies: These cookies are like old friends, here to stay for a while and remember all your preferences and settings for future visits. They linger on your computer or device for a set period of time, ranging from just a few days to a few months.
  3. Analytical cookies: These cookies are like little spies, gathering information on how guests explore the website. They note which pages they visit, how long they linger there, and what activities they take. Their findings are then used to refine the user experience and provide a perfectly tailored website.
  4. Advertising cookies: Let these cookies be your digital trailblazers, guiding you to personalized ads tailored to your interests and preferences. Advertisers use them as an opportunity to retarget those who have already expressed curiosity in their products and services. Let these cookies be your key to discovering what lies ahead.

Deliciously tempting cookies can be the answer to a better browsing experience, but they can also possess an element of risk. That’s why many websites are legally obligated to get your approval before they can use those digital morsels on your computer or device. The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is just one example of this type of law, ensuring that your data privacy is kept safe and sound.

Third Party Websites

As you explore our website, you may stumble across some mysterious links that take you to external sites. But be aware: clicking these links can bring strange cookies to your device! While we have no control over these third-party content providers, they sure do have their own Cookie policies. So if you value your privacy, it’s a good idea to take a peek at those before you dive into the unknown.

Changes to the Policy

We reserve the right to modify this policy at any time without prior notice. To ensure you stay abreast of any changes, please check this page regularly for updates. Keeping yourself informed is essential to ensure you comply with our policy as applicable.