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This page is an essential component of the website, as it works to explain the liability of the department for anyone who visits or uses the information presented on this website. It is highly recommended that you take a few moments to read through the disclaimer in full before continuing your journey here, as doing so serves as agreement with all terms and conditions outlined below. Additionally, please be aware that this page may be subject to updates from time to time, so it is your responsibility as a user of this content to periodically review for any modifications that have been made. Should you have any issues, worries or objections with respect to what has been stated here, you are welcome to close the page at any time without consequence.

The online gambling terrain in Australia is a complex ecosystem, with both federal and state governments keeping the industry in check. A snapshot of the major regulations that have shaped the Australian online gambling landscape would include:

1. It is illegal for any operator or person to offer real money online gambling services to persons physically located in Australia. This includes, but is not limited to, internet gaming, sports betting, virtual casinos and poker rooms.

2. All operators must be licensed and held accountable by the relevant Australian State or Territory Gambling Regulator in order to supply these services legally within Australia’s borders. 

3. Operators that accept customers from Australia are required to provide information regarding responsible gambling practices as well as measures to prevent access by minors through age verification processes and parental control software/features such as Net Nanny or Cyber Sentinel. 

4. All operators must provide a user-friendly complaint handling process that is easily accessible on their website, including contact details for all complaints lodged against them. This applies both for customer service inquiries and technical concerns related to their products/services offered online. 

5. The provision of online gambling services shall comply with federal privacy legislation, meaning all personal data collected must be stored securely and used only for legitimate business purposes associated with the provision of gambling services; further no third parties should have access without explicit consent from the customer in question – this extends also applicable laws pertaining to marketing activities such as direct mail or phone calls made without permission from an individual consumer or player account holder  in order that they can unsubscribe if desired).  

6. All payment options available should be clearly stated along with any associated fees which may apply when making deposits/​withdrawals into a player account; additionallywithdrawals should be processed promptly once requested – ideally within 48 hours depending upon circumstances).

7. Operators must display clear Terms & Conditions relating directlyto offering their specified products/services in accordance with local jurisdiction requirements (this includes how specific bonuses are creditedand terms such as wagering requirements etc).            

Types of Disclaimers for Online Casino Games in Australia

1. Age Validation Statement: This is a common provision on online gaming sites, emphasizing that users must be of legal gambling age in Australia, which is 18 years, to engage in gaming activities.

2. Game Integrity Assertion: This declaration underscores that every game on the platform is operated with fairness, often highlighting the use of independent Random Number Generators (RNGs) to guarantee impartial and unpredictable results.

3. Jurisdictional Notice: This notice points out that the online casino games are meant for individuals living in areas where participating in such activities is legally permissible.

4. Conscientious Gaming Notice: This provides a cautionary message encouraging users to engage in gaming activities responsibly and within their financial boundaries. It usually includes links to resources offering assistance with gambling issues.

5. Commercial Content Statement: This discloses that the online casino games are a form of commercial content or communication, clarifying that participating in these games involves the risk of real money.

6. Data Precision Notice: This indicates that while the online casino strives to maintain the accuracy of all game-related information, there might be occasions where mistakes occur. The casino is not liable for any damages arising from such inaccuracies.

7. Intellectual Property Protection Statement: This disclaimer asserts that the online casino and its games are the intellectual property of the operating company or are licensed from a third party, and any unauthorized usage may infringe copyright regulations.

8. Responsibility Limitation Notice: This commonly states that the online casino is not liable for any losses, monetary or otherwise, incurred by users as a result of engaging in games on their platform.

9. Bonus and Rewards Notice: This usually details the terms and conditions associated with any bonuses or rewards, emphasizing that these are subject to change and have specific wagering requirements.

10. No Assurance of Winning Statement: This disclaimer states that participation in games on the online casino platform doesn’t assure financial profits or wins, and all games should be played purely for entertainment.

Influences of the Australian Gambling Act on Disclaimers 

The Australian Gambling Act of 2001 has had a significant influence on the use and content of disclaimers when providing services or products related to gambling. The Act imposes maximum penalties for certain offences connected to gambling, making it important that providers have suitable disclaimers in place to protect themselves from potential legal trouble. 

The Act requires that all parties involved in the provision of gambling related services, including operators, suppliers, manufacturers and distributors, ensure that details about any obligations they may have are outlined in clear and transparent terms. This includes any associated risks as well as other matters such as licensing requirements or age restrictions. 

In order to remain compliant with the provisions set out in the Australian Gambling Act of 2001, provider’s must include a clause within their disclaimer which clearly outlines their responsibilities under the law. It is also necessary for them to provide consumers with information regarding acceptable responsible gambling behaviour. For example; reminders not to gamble when affected by alcohol/drugs, or warnings about social responsibility surrounding at risk individuals such as minors. 

Moreover, any advertising campaigns carried out by providers must also adhere to strict guidelines outlined in the legislation which can be found through various resources online such as State governments websites and independent research sites like KnowYourOdds.org –which actually offers an extensive range of templates intended specifically for use following regulations set out by The Gaming & Wagering Commission (NSW).   Providers should also consider having their disclaimers vetted by legal professionals prior to publishing them online or broadcasting them publicly.


1. What legal regulations apply to online casinos? 

Online casinos must comply with the applicable laws in each jurisdiction in which they operate. This includes being registered and licensed to offer gambling services, as well as complying with various advertising and consumer protection regulations. Additionally, there may be specific restrictions placed on online casino operations relating to age requirements, payment methods, games that can be offered, and more. 

2. Are there any minimum age requirements for playing at an online casino? 

Yes, most jurisdictions require players to be 18 years of age or older before they can gamble at an online casino. The minimum age requirement may vary from one country or state to another but is generally 18 or 21 years old. 

3. Is it safe for me to play at an online casino? 

While no system is completely secure from hacker attacks and other forms of malicious activity, reputable online casinos are typically very well-protected against such risks using advanced security measures like firewall protection and SSL encryption technology. You should always take extra precautions by monitoring your account activity regularly and setting up strong passwords for your accounts that you don’t share with anyone else.  

4. Does the website have a disclaimer about its terms of service? 

Yes, all legitimate websites will include a disclaimer about their terms of service clearly outlined on their homepage (or in a separate section). Make sure you read this carefully so that you understand what rules the website has set out regarding its services and offerings before registering an account or depositing money into it.