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Roulette Info & Features

Software: RTG
RTP: 98%
Slot Type: Roulette
Reels: No
Autoplay Options: No
Autoplay: No
Fast Spin Features: No
Layout: No
Multiplier: No
Optimization for mobile devices: Yes
Bonus Game: No
Min.Bet: 1
Max.Bet: Varie
Best Win: Varie
Maximum Winnings: Varie
Wild Symbol: No
Scatter Symbol: No
Number Of Free Spins: No
Jackpot: No
Paylines: No
Functions: Roulette
Topic: Casino, Roulette
Release Date: 2016
Volatility: Low
Multipliers: No
Gambling Future: No
Repeat Spins: No
Cascading Reels: No

Roulette online slot

Roulette, a timeless casino classic, has been reimagined by RealTime Gaming (RTG) to provide players with an authentic and engaging online gaming experience. Let’s uncover the various facets of RTG’s interpretation of this iconic wheel-spinning game.

Roulette stands as one of the most beloved online casino games, often embraced by newcomers due to its simplicity and the absence of any prerequisite skills or prior experience. It’s a game entirely driven by chance, where fortune can smile upon you with significant rewards if your wagers align correctly.

Indeed, simplicity reigns supreme in Roulette—a quintessential game of chance. It unfolds with a wheel and a ball, a pairing that defines the game’s essence. The wheel, typically divided into 37 or 38 slots, boasts colors—red or black—and corresponding numbers. Additionally, a green slot, marked as zero, occasionally features an accompanying double zero. Players can place bets on specific numbers, colors, even or odd outcomes, or sets of predetermined numbers, among other options.

As your chances of hitting your chosen number or betting event decrease, the potential payout increases. Betting on a specific number and winning can multiply your initial stake by an exhilarating 35 times. Conversely, betting on the right color yields a one-to-one return on your bet. In brick-and-mortar casinos, the outcome is determined by launching the ball into a spinning wheel, while online casinos replicate this process through animations and graphics.

Pros of RTG Roulette Games

RTG roulette games shine in the realm of functionality, boasting seamless gameplay without a hint of lag. Surprisingly, this smooth performance doesn’t come at the cost of graphics quality, which remains impressive.

Simplicity is another hallmark of RTG roulette games. Their design eschews unnecessary flashiness, allowing players to focus on gameplay. This simplicity aids players in keeping track of scores and monitoring past outcomes, aiding in strategy development.

Moreover, RTG’s roulette games provide a concise window displaying minimum and maximum bet limits for both inside and outside wagers. This window also presents your current bet amount and the type of bet placed. Additionally, the games offer a close-up view of the winning slot where the ball last landed, enhancing the gaming experience. Different RTG roulette games offer distinct additional features.

Furthermore, RTG’s roulette games originally offer a wide betting range, although the casinos themselves determine the specific minimum and maximum bet limits. Notably, RTG’s French Roulette game boasts a high Return to Player (RTP) percentage and an impressively low house edge.

Cons of RTG Roulette Games

One noteworthy drawback is the limited selection of roulette games currently offered by RTG. While software providers typically prioritize a narrower range of table games, RTG’s roulette collection is notably more modest than its counterparts.

Additionally, some features in RTG’s roulette games may hinder the overall playing experience. For example, changing your bet requires clicking the ‘Remove’ button followed by individually removing each bet, with no option to selectively clear specific wagers. The ‘Clear All’ button erases all bets, and the ‘Repeat’ button merely reiterates your last bet, necessitating an additional ‘Spin’ click.

Graphics-wise, RTG’s roulette games, while still decent, fall short of the visual excellence achieved by other providers in the current landscape.

Game Performance

RTG’s roulette games earn acclaim for their seamless performance. They operate smoothly without imposing heavy demands on older devices or weaker internet connections. Players can expect speed and fluidity, making game performance a non-issue with RTG’s offerings.

Betting Limits

RTG sets a minimum bet of $1 for both inside and outside bets in their roulette games. However, the maximum bet limits differ for the two main types of bets: inside bets can reach a maximum of $100, while outside bets can go as high as $200. It’s worth noting that the Multiplayer French Roulette by RTG boasts a higher maximum bet limit of $500.

RTG Roulette Games

Though RTG’s roulette game selection is limited, the available options are worth exploring. Despite showing signs of age, these games remain impressive. At present, there appear to be two active roulette games from this provider, and we will delve into them in greater detail.

Demo Game

For those hesitant to jump straight into real-money stakes or beginners looking to familiarize themselves, RTG offers a demo version of Roulette. This provides:

  • A firsthand experience of the game’s mechanics and rules.
  • An environment to try out betting strategies without any financial implications.
  • Limitless gameplay sessions without the need for deposits.

The demo version upholds the same level of graphics, sounds, and gameplay dynamics as the real game.

Bets and Prizes

RTG’s Roulette accommodates both casual players and high-rollers. Here’s a look at the betting and prize structure:

  • Minimum Bet: Ideal for beginners or those playing on a budget.
  • Maximum Bet: Suitable for players ready to take bigger risks for bigger rewards.
  • Prizes: Payouts vary based on bet type. For instance, betting on a single number offers a potential payout of 35:1.

Play on Mobile Devices – Android, iPad & Tablets

Playing on the move is no longer a luxury, but a standard expectation. RTG’s Roulette does not disappoint:

  • Fully Optimized: Enjoy the game’s effortless flow on any mobile device.
  • Supported Devices: Whether you’re using an Android, an iPad, or another tablet, the game runs smoothly.
  • Consistent Quality: Shifting from desktop to mobile ensures no compromise in terms of graphics or features.

Graphics and Sounds

A game as iconic as roulette deserves impeccable presentation, and RTG’s version checks all the boxes:

  • Graphics: From the detailed wheel and ball animations to the clear betting table, everything is visually striking.
  • Sounds: The gentle hum of the spinning wheel, the rattle of the ball, and the soft background noises create an atmospheric experience reminiscent of brick-and-mortar casinos.

Strategies and Tips

Roulette, while largely a game of chance, does have room for certain strategies. Here are some insights:

  • Know the Bets: Understand the difference between inside and outside bets, as well as their respective payouts.
  • Martingale Strategy: This involves doubling your bet after every loss. It’s a popular strategy, but requires a substantial bankroll.
  • Play Responsibly: Set a limit, and adhere to it. The excitement of roulette can be intoxicating, but always remember to play within your means.

Slot Verdict

Roulette from RTG offers an authentic, captivating experience, staying true to the elegance and thrill of the original game. With its exceptional design, mobile compatibility, and immersive atmosphere, it stands out as a top choice for both seasoned players and newcomers. If you’ve ever dreamed of the thrill of the roulette wheel but from the comfort of your home, RTG’s version is a spin in the right direction.


  • Simple and classic casino game with easy-to-understand rules.
  • Wide availability in online casinos with various betting options.
  • Suitable for both casual players and those who enjoy strategic betting.


  • Roulette is a game of chance, and there is no guaranteed winning strategy.
  • The house edge varies depending on the type of roulette being played.
  • May not appeal to players seeking the skill-based gameplay found in some other casino games.


The rules and odds of roulette depend on the specific variation being played. European Roulette typically offers better odds for players than American Roulette.
The minimum and maximum bets in roulette vary depending on the casino's table limits.
Yes, many online casinos offer roulette for play on mobile devices.
Ella Willson Last Updated: Oct 31,2023